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Starting a new business? Need a new work car ASAP?

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At Fundsize we offer a complete range of commercial car loan options, to suit your needs.

Work vehicles are an integral part of any business. They assist in delivering goods, getting sales people to their appointments or just part of everyday operations to maintain working relationships. Fundsize understand businesses are time poor and need work vehicles quick smart in order to keep their business running. This is where Fundsize expertise in all wheeled assets will organise the finance with the least amount of paperwork and fuss. Of course, working efficiently doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting a competitive deal. Fundsize is all about being efficient but making sure all customers are getting the right deal. That’s another Fundsize promise.

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Our number one aim is to help our customers, here’s a snapshot of their Fundsize experience

Mr. Bossio is an exceptional Finance Broker and has been a huge help to me personally with my financial needs and gets you results guaranteed. He is very hands on with a wealth of knowledge and an excellent problem solver, made me feel at ease at making some big decisions I may not have done on my own. Highly Recommended.

Jean-Luc Syndikas


Yes, we have finance options available for both used and new Cars.

Yes, we have finance options available if you wish to purchase from a private seller.

The longest loan term available is a 7 year option.

A balloon is used to reduce your monthly repayments. It is a predetermined lump sum that is payable at the end of your loan term.

Yes there can be advantages depending on the finance product you select to find your purchase. It is recommended that you speak to your accountant to find out which option is most tax effective for you.