At Fundsize we have a different approach to assisting our clients with their finance needs. We understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes and both businesses and consumers may have different requirements and expectations. We also understand that both consumers and businesses can find the finance landscape quite confusing, overwhelming and not to mention time consuming.

We at Fundsize have a very personalised approach in understanding our clients requirements and objectives, we aim to foster long term relationships with our clients and be their go to company for all their finance needs. We don’t treat our clients like a quick transaction. We aim to make the process as clear, simple, personalized and efficient as possible. We offer finance solutions for asset and equipment of all sizes, from motor vehicles and boats to business equipment like trucks and machinery.

Our team have been in the finance industry for many years and understand the finance landscape very well. They are also aware of what to look for when finding the ideal finance solution to meet their client’s needs and objectives.

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  • Expert Knowledge

  • Personalized experience

  • Deal with the same consultant each time

  • Fast approvals

  • New or Used vehicles

  • Dealership or private seller

  • Competitive rates

  • Access to multiple lenders

Our number one aim is to help our customers, here’s a snapshot of their Fundsize experience

Mr. Bossio is an exceptional Finance Broker and has been a huge help to me personally with my financial needs and gets you results guaranteed. He is very hands on with a wealth of knowledge and an excellent problem solver, made me feel at ease at making some big decisions I may not have done on my own. Highly Recommended.

Jean-Luc Syndikas